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Shoe Closet

Spring = Spring Cleaning, right?

I cleaned up my closet and realized I have about 100 pairs of shoes, which I like to think is average for women?  How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I use a couple of the antique white Akada shoe organizers from Home Depot in my closet along with Ikea shoe compartments and racks for the rest of the pairs in the front hall closet.

How do you keep your shoes organized?

Style’n had a great TIP for keeping your boots all lined up! Check it out here.

Here’s my closet followed by some pretty stunning shoe closets, don’t you think?  *SIGH*

(I love the two black and white images! So classic!)

(All images via my Pinterest)


11 thoughts on “Shoe Closet

  1. Love your closet and I dream about having my own little shoe closet too! I keep my shoes in the Ikea shoe compartmets. They are really good, arent they? Have a fantastic Monday, sunshine

    Posted by Diana Mieczan | March 21, 2011, 7:32 am
  2. HELLO Shoes! This post is convincing me that it’s ok to buy more pairs of shoes : ) Thanks for the mention as well. You look like you are pretty organized too.

    Posted by style'n | March 21, 2011, 9:34 am
  3. You have 100 pairs of shoes, oh gosh! I wouldn’t know which one to wear when 😀

    Posted by Renée | March 21, 2011, 1:02 pm
  4. Owow loves me a nice little shoe post! I think 50 is pretty average for most women (I’m teetering 100 as well :D) but definitely into rotating the best of em for seasonal dressing…Loving the organizational tips, keep ’em coming!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Posted by Julie | March 21, 2011, 5:06 pm
  5. How many shoes do I have? That is a good question! I will have to count them.
    I have a rather small shoe rack that is now overflowing. I love seeing all these organized closets. Inspiration!

    Posted by Shawna | March 22, 2011, 1:56 am
  6. I love shoes! I’m currently doing the switchover. So much work! I have way more than 100 pairs though – it’s so hard to count them all.

    Posted by CultureChoc2010 | April 21, 2011, 2:21 pm
  7. I lost count of my shoes, last time I counted I was up to 130. I’m trying to organize mine, I’ll be trying out those IKEA compartments they seem handy.

    Posted by summerlilacs | October 21, 2011, 9:53 am


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