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Mediterranean Vacation

I just discovered the Design Elements blog which is chock-full of  exotic locations and spectacular designs and has me yearning to go away on vacation…to the Mediterranean sea!! To be laying about in the sun…on that veranda. Sigh. Are any of you headed off on vacation this summer? (All images via DE)


I love this idea! It’s the Poladroid Project. You can take any photo and turn it into a polaroid, digitally! What’s even cuter is that the desktop icon looks like a Polaroid camera and the image takes a while to develop! So amazing. (Justin Timberlake is a fan! Image via)

Elizabeth Taylor

1932-2011 People magazine has a lovely commemoration. (Image via Pinterest)


Wasn’t the Twigster (do you think anyone called her that?) such a fashion inspiration? I would never dare cut my hair that short, but she has always looked so cool, and check out that long (and thick!) braid! With the 70s revival, do you see yourself wearing those floppy hats?  Super cute! (All images via … Continue reading

Marshalls Canada

So, Marshalls opened in Canada!  Finally!    We have Winners which is the same, but it’s nice to have a real Marshalls, which was acquired by T.J Maxx in 1995. I visited the one at Warden and Eglinton on the weekend…and it was PACKED!  It was as if Marshalls was only open for the day! The shoe selection … Continue reading

Shoe Closet

Spring = Spring Cleaning, right? I cleaned up my closet and realized I have about 100 pairs of shoes, which I like to think is average for women?  How many pairs of shoes do you own? I use a couple of the antique white Akada shoe organizers from Home Depot in my closet along with … Continue reading

Classic Red

What is it about a classic red lip that looks so glamorous? Don’t these lovely ladies make you feel like breaking out the RED? I finally found my perfect shade.   It’s Lorac’s Matte Lipstick in “Receive”.   I keep it in my purse just in case I’m going out and need to dress up a … Continue reading


I regret getting rid of one of my crochet sweaters last year! Oh fashion and it’s cycles!  How cute is this crochet necklace?  Like a bib but so much more delicate and pretty! (Image via Pinterest)


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Yellow Oxfords

Yes, I would do these. You? (via Pinterest via shoes.beautyhill.com )